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We believe that art can make a difference in a community. Our mission is simple: to add as much colour to Sudbury as possible. Over the coming years, we'll aim to fill our walls with arts.

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People are the most valuable asset in our projects. It’s not only the time it takes to install a mural, but also the connections we make while doing it. You’ll meet other like minded individuals, and we’ll reward you in any way we can. Each project is unique, so keep an eye out on our Facebook for more deets.

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Got a wall?

Another important aspect of this is the walls we paint on. Though we have a list already, we’re always looking for more, so feel free to add yours to our list below.

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Who are we?

We’re a group of people that believe art can make a difference, and that want to create more colour and stir more conversations in our city.

Questions & their respective answers

What is art?

Art is that thing that you don’t care about when you don’t see it, and you suddenly realize that life is better once you experience something that connects with you. It could be anything from the shape of your quad to the siding you choose for your house. It could be your favorite album or your favorite painting or your favorite dance move. Art, in our case, is going to be mainly visual, and mainly murals, though it’s likely we’ll put our fingers in any hole we find.

How do you decide what goes on the wall?

We send all art through a discriminatory subjective jury made up of the world’s finest artists with wigs. They send us back encrypted messages via horsepeople/centaurs who then eat all of our greens and end up on a 4 day binge partying up in the Hanmer woods with them boys on them quads. It’s a damn good time.


That's not a question but listen up buddy. We're making art that invites conversation, that we love, and that brings people together. Now listen to this, because this is a VERY IMPORTANT THING FOR YOU: make your own art. Make it awesome. Spend time on it, with it, with people. If you start your own public art initiative to compete with ours, we'll love you even more. You have arms, a mind, and the capacity to create, so do!

What about that time you messed up?

What about that time YOU messed up? Did you stop there? Well if you did, maybe you shouldn’t have. If you didn’t, good for you. Don’t let mistakes discourage you, you’d be surprised how much a mistake can teach you.

What is the difference between bourbon and whiskey?

Bourbon is only distilled in Kentucky with corn somehow.

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